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What's the best way to eat? I like this summary...

With there being a million different ways to choose how, what and when you eat out there with conflicting advice around every corner it can get very confusing.

Not only that, but it is such a personal thing on many levels that I think we can’t recommend one diet that fits all and stick with that same way of eating throughout our life. You’ll find you may struggle to eat what you did in your 20’s when you get to your 80’s while still maintaining healthy bio markers. On a cellular level you aren’t the same person. Literally every cell in your body would be different after 60 years so why should your body react the same way?

With a lot of things in life, if you simplify things by not over thinking them, then you’ll find it easier to navigate.

I like the way this article from Dallas Hartwig sums up how he eats as this is how I personally approach the subject...

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