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"I’m very grateful to all my clients who have taken the time to provide their feedback and thank them for allowing me to share them here."

Richard Bruce

What my clients are saying

“ I consider Richard Bruce to be an exceptional coach, not only because he is expert at his craft, but because he really understands my specific requirements and has tailored a plan that has enabled me to thrive around my personal fitness and wellness goals.  Richard's advice and coaching is systemic in its focus; he encourages lifestyle changes that are more substantive  and sustainable than just hard workouts.  My results have focused on every aspect of wellness, including diet, work/life balance and being more centered in choices I make around my own professional brand and reputation.  I can say with certainty and conviction that I would not have met my personal wellness goals without Richard's coaching and support.  If you're looking for a personal coach who will make your goals a priority, you should meet Richard and learn more about why he is truly in a league of his own. 

Harold Hillman, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group


“Richard is a thorough professional who is very very good at what he does. He is also a great teacher, and makes every session with him interesting. My progress in strength and flexibility, along with rehabilitation of old injuries and overall health has been remarkable under Richard's care.  Unhesitatingly recommended.”

Paul Greet, Director

"Having never worked with a coach before I wasn’t sure what to look for, but when I browsed Rich’s website I knew he’d be the right choice for me. He is extremely knowledgeable, highly personable and very encouraging. He hyper tailored his services to my unique and individual needs. For me, it wasn’t about having strenuous workouts, but rather a series of simple foundational movements, corrective exercises and relieving stretches that left me leaving walking a little bit taller than when I went in. Most importantly, Rich gives you the ‘why’ to every ‘what’. This was invaluable. I was educated about the reasons behind choosing certain things, doing certain exercises, thinking about this differently - that along with other subjects including tailored diet need and achieving gut health. I found this a really rewarding experience. Choose Rich - you won’t be disappointed!"

Siobhan Taylor, mother of 4 children.

“I have known Richard Bruce for over 5 years and he has worked extensively with me on improving my overall health and wellbeing as well as helping with various niggles and old injuries.  More importantly he has taught me how to identify issues before they get worse and how to self-treat them.  A networking group of CEOs I am involved with was looking for some speakers for a session to talk about health and life-style following one of the group who had a heart attack and the general realisation of how poor health impacts work, family and friends.  Richard was a great speaker and handled questions from the floor with good humour, but also able to get some excellent messages across which stimulated some great discussions in the following weeks.  I have found Richard to be an excellent health and movement coach, great mentor and speaker and I would highly recommend anyone of any age looking for some help with exercise, lifestyle and general wellbeing to engage with Richard.” 

Brad Taylor,  General Manager

”Richard always takes the time to understand my goals, gearing the plans to the achievement, then keeping it both interesting and challenging.  A key part of my training team, Richard is instrumental in helping me optimise my sports performance, fitness and endurance, and manage my weight to be fight ready.  I would highly recommend Richard as one of the best fitness coaches in the country.”

Michelle “Pressure” Preston – Kickboxing/Boxing Professional.
WKBF Atomweight Muay Thai World Champion
#1 IBF Super Flyweight World Title Contender – Fighting 17th Nov 2012

'The thought of going to the gym always filled me with dread and I never thought I'd look forward to doing exercise but my sessions with Rich are a highlight of my week. It's great having a trainer who works you hard but also sympathises when you're having a bit of a blah, unmotivated week. I always leave my sessions feeling great and re-energised. I couldn't even do a push up when I started and now, after building up the strength, mobility and confidence with Rich, I can do 10!'

Nicky Ferguson, Surgical Bookings Coordinator.

“Richard offers a highly personalised coaching service, he takes into account your fitness, existing injuries or weak areas of your body and really thinks through what you are trying to achieve. He can take it easy on you if that’s what you want or push you until you beg for mercy – but be brave and have confidence that he really knows what he is doing. “

James Boughey, Cargo Systems Ltd.

“ Rich is more than a coach, he is a mate. You need to be in the correct mindset to achieve results, and Rich knows me as a person and can therefore offer the right advice at the right time. I need a push as exercise doesn’t come naturally to me, but I also hate being shouted at. Rich gets the balance right, and I am now the healthiest I have been in years!”

Mark Warren, Senior Consultant, 920 Ltd.


“2 years ago I came to Richard, overweight with high blood pressure & high cholesterol.  Since then, he has put a plan in place to ensure that I haven’t had to go onto medication.  I have lost 10kg, my blood pressure is perfect & my cholesterol is back to normal.  I am fit & I have a lot more energy.

Richard has put up with my complaining & some serious abuse but always with a smile & laugh… I get away with nothing!

No session is the same & boredom is not an option. If you have a goal & you need help to achieve it,  through all the ups & downs, Richard will help you get there. I couldn’t recommend Richard more highly…  he has made managing my fitness as enjoyable as something you don’t enjoy to be!! None better!!!!”

Jeanette Tobin, Superyacht Support Ltd

“Richard helped me prepare physically for a New Zealand Age group sports team.  I came to Richard when I was 14 years old once a week for strength & core body training along with a bit of cardio thrown in – even when I didn’t want to do it! He made it fun & made me a lot stronger, which helped with my performance.  He worked with my physio to help build strength to weak areas of my body, which were causing me pain. Thanks Richard!”

Grace Tobin – 15 years old

“I have had previous back injuries so finding suitable exercises can been difficult.  I started movement training with Rich and he has helped me reduce pain, specifically targeted dysfunctions to improve my strength and mobility rebalancing those muscles functions that will prevent me from getting injured again in future – and as a bonus I have also increased my cardiovascular fitness!”

Petula Lau – Software Developer

“I have trained with Richard over two years, addressing a range of needs including rehabilitation post-injury, posture, strength and aerobic fitness. In all these spheres Richard has demonstrated a great depth of knowledge and experience. He has delivered his expertise through a series of motivating and effective individually-tailored programmes in a highly professional, friendly and challenging way.”

Brandon, runner.

“Richard is very patient with me, and very conscientious about the right way to do exercises. He is very encouraging, and I always feel I am achieving something at the end of each session.”

Margaret Morris , golfer

“I wish to confirm that Richard has greatly assisted me retain a modicum of self respect, fitness and general wellbeing through encouragement, gentle persuasion and, at times, coercion during our one on one sessions.  For some reason I return week in week out and miss his congenial presence when away. The ‘perfect’ investment!”

Stephen B Fisher, Fisher International Ltd.

“Rich stepped up to the plate and did a wonderful job for me when my previous coach moved overseas.  Apart from the great movement sessions, Rich has a fantastic attitude and upbeat approach to his work which always kept me motivated.  Exactly what a coach should be.” 

Steve Bonner, Barrister

“I find that working with Richard in really helps to not only keep me fit but it also helps to keep my pain levels down from an ongoing back injury. He has helped me to really strengthen my core muscles and increase my movement abilities in a gentle and very careful way as well as increasing my overall body strength. His motivation and attention to detail in every exercise really helps in my rehabilitation and in decreasing my pain levels. Often I turn up exhausted and in pain only to leave feeling positive and energetic – what a difference!”

Angela Moon-Jones, Advertising Manager

"When I had my sessions with Rich I realised I hadn’t been making the best use of my fitness time. In just half the workout time I improved my fitness and energy levels, dropped weight and firmed up – it was all about getting the right balance for my body. I got better results in four weeks than I’d been getting on my own in years.

Rich really listens to you and helps you park whatever is going on in your life at the door so you can give everything in the sessions. I lost count of the times I went to train with him tired and dragging my feet - and bounced out revived, relieved of stress and energised."

Sarah Rhodes

"I had a six week opportunity to get fit.  That’s what I told Richard when I first met him.  At the end of the six weeks – I was fitter, more toned, and stronger.  While this is really about commitment, the only way to stay committed to your goal is hiring a personal coach.  Richard was great.  He knew where I wanted to be and mapped out a plan for it.  By setting challenges along the way he could see if the plan was working.  While I complained along the way, he kept his sense of humour and even joined me on some of the challenges !  If I’m back in Auckland at anytime I wouldn’t hesitate to get Richard to help me out again. Thanks Richard!!"

Justine Marra

"Through private training with Rich, not only have I been able to more effectively set and reach goals, but I’ve also learnt a lot about exercise and training so that I can workout more effectively on my own."

Dave Tancred