Richard Bruce Fitness offers you an experienced, professional and fun 
service that is focused on your and your goals.

Richard is an experienced health & fitness professional, focusing on functional health principles and tailoring them to suit you and your goals.

functional movement for daily life and sports performance, rehabilitation, posture, flexibility, weight management, gaining strength & muscle mass, increasing energy & endurance, nutritional planning, gut health, lifestyle coaching, stress management, motivation & unlimited support.

Aside from tailored functional health and fitness coaching, we also offer a range of other services you may want to take advantage of depending on your goals. 
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Initial consultation sessions are 30mins and include:

- A comprehensive look into all aspects of your goals.

- Overview of health and movement.

- Recommendations and plan of approach for your individual needs.

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Coaching and Training sessions are focused on individuals, but can consider buddy sessions for specific cases.

Private one-to-one Coaching Sessions

One-on-One sessions are focused and involved on an individual's specific physical and physiological needs.  Programmes are reviewed, tailored and prepared ahead of every session.

Session Prices:

45mins              $79

60mins              $89


Buddy Training Sessions

Buddy training allows you to work alongside a friend or relative, and whilst this is more tailored and focused on your specific goals than a general group class, it is typically aimed more towards cardio, strength and mobility training.  

Session Prices:

45mins              $115

60mins              $125

Sessions will be indoors or outdoors depending on your requirements and goals.  Packages of 10 sessions* can be bought, these come with some added benefits. 

* Please note T&Cs apply to sessions and packages bought.  See Terms and Conditions below.

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Golf Conditioning Programme - 8 weeks / 2 sessions a week.

Programme Pricing:  $1,190

Faulty swing mechanics can cause you pain and injuries, particularly to your shoulders and lower the back - so if you’re playing with existing pain or mobility issues then golf playing and practice days can put you off your game for months.  It doesn't have to. 

This private one-on-one programme focuses on golf specific exercises that help improve strength, power, flexibility, rotation, core stability, mobility and endurance, and works to effectively promote front-to- back and left-to-right body balance.

The training is designed to address essentials for any golfer regardless of age or skill. It will assist with injury prevention, improve your swing performance and your overall fitness.

If you’re already a handicap player this programme will maximise your performance. 

Contact us now and get performance ready for your game days.


Stretch Sessions - $10pp

Min 5 people.  If you're keen to learn how to release muscle tension, improve flexibility and keep your muscles limber - we can book in a 30 minute stretch sessions to teach and coach you through some stretches you can do yourself, including using foam rollers and mobility balls.  

The benefits of stretching are many, but in particular stretch is great for:

  • Increasing circulation of blood to various parts of your body
  • Increasing energy levels and decreasing stress levels
  • Help with detoxification due to working the lymphatic system
  • Increasing range of movement in your joints
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Faster recovery after workouts or even injury

Get in touch to make a booking. 

HIT Circuit Training Sessions - $20pp

If you fancy a group session, this is a high intensity circuit session designed to give you a full body workout involving both aerobic and strength training exercises. It targets crucial areas of your body to improve not only toning and cardiovascular performance, but also posture, muscle balance and flexibility.  

30 minute class on demand  - 6 people max.   Booking is essential*

*Anyone not taking Coaching Sessions with Richard will need to complete the Pre-Circuit Conditioning Programme to learn correct techniques through all exercises ensuring they can be maintained at high intensity levels at all times to reduce injury risk.   

Pre-Circuit Conditioning Programme - $240

The programme consists of 12 session for 50 minutes, 3 times a week over 4 weeks and is specifically designed to teach you various techniques that condition your body and muscle strength and movement. 

Conditioning Programme is essential for anyone who enjoys bootcamps or high intensity circuit training and would like to ensures optimal strength development through use of correct muscle recruitment during multiple movement patterns.  This can also address the needs of daily or work related movements to reduce pain or risk of injury.

You will need to bring:

- A towel
- Your own foam roller, mobility ball and mobility band (optional). 
These can be purchased from Richard if need be.

Bookings for all training and group sessions are essential, contact us to book a session now. 

All participants must fill out the standard client disclaimer forms.

Terms & Conditions
Sessions and packages bought are not transferrable for cash or product purchases.  They are non-fundable if you choose not to use all sessions bought.  Gift sessions and packages are valid for 6mths from purchase at which point they expire for use. Allowances would made for special circumstances such as  medical emergencies. See Richard for more details.

Sessions and packages are transferable to another person if the trainer/coach is notified and formally accepts the transfer.