Richard Bruce Fitness offers you an experienced, professional and fun 
service that is focused on your and your goals.

Richard is an experienced health & fitness professional, focusing on functional health principles and tailoring them to suit you and your goals.

functional movement for daily life and sports performance, rehabilitation, posture, flexibility, weight management, gaining strength & muscle mass, increasing energy & endurance, nutritional planning, gut health, lifestyle coaching, stress management, motivation & unlimited support.





Make your day activities easy and feel years younger by keeping your muscles limber with our 30 minute routine stretch sessions.

Stretch is great for:

- Increasing circulation of blood to various parts of your body
- Increasing energy levels and decreasing stress levels
- Help with detoxification due to working the lymphatic system
- Increasing range of movement in your joints
- Reduced muscle tension
- Faster recovery after workouts or even injury

COST:  $10              WHERE:  RBF Studio, 60 Waimarie Street, St Heliers.

Join us - You will feel great!!