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“Whatever your goals or method of achieving them, remembering a few simple, common sense tips will help you see results, reduce injury risk while you're training and keep you motivated.”


1. Always warm up before starting an exercise programme for at least 5-10 mins. The biggest risk of injury is when doing your first repetition. By warming up you increase the blood supply to your muscles making them prime for action.

2. Mobility is key!  Having restricted movement in your everyday or during a work out is frustrating. And if you're restricted during a movement, like a squat for example, your body will compensate using poor form to finish the movement increasing your risk of injury. If you sit for long periods of time or have muscle tightness from sports or certain lifestyle elements, it's best to spend some time and effort to undo the muscle tightness to improve range of movement, relieve the tension and minimise injury risk .  So I recommend using a foam roller, or similar mobility tools, as part of your everyday routine.

3. To help stop those sugar cravings try to have healthy snacks in between your meals like fruit, raw nuts, homemade smoothies or even a hard boiled egg!  Avoid eating highly processed foods as these are less nutrient dense than whole foods  and won't keep you feeling full for long, as well as creating the cycle of sugar cravings.  

4. Focus on your posture as much as you can. Are you slouching right now? Try to engage your core, sit upright and keep your shoulders back and down and relaxed. Not only are you working your abdominals and other postural muscles, but you’ll be sitting better and walking taller, giving much more positive body language and also taking some strain off your back and neck muscles.  Good posture can reduce cortisol levels and can also improve your breathing capacity.

5. When exercising for the first time in a while, always start with the easiest progression first. With push-ups for instance, try a standing push-up with your hands against the wall first, focusing on your form. Don't feel that just because you've started a new regime you have to go in all guns blazing, as you may find you and/or your body won't last the distance. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!  

6. Sleep… and get as much as you can!  It may sound silly but sleep is the key to being the very best you can be.  Sleep, particularly quality sleep, is the time when our body regenerates and heals itself... and yes it even helps to burn fat!


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