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Richard is an experienced health & fitness professional, focusing on functional health principles and tailoring them to suit you and your goals.

functional movement for daily life and sports performance, rehabilitation, posture, flexibility, weight management, gaining strength & muscle mass, increasing energy & endurance, nutritional planning, gut health, lifestyle coaching, stress management, motivation & unlimited support.


RBF - Pre-Circuit Conditioning Programme

If you enjoy bootcamps and high intensity circuit training this programme will teach you how to move correctly, stay injury free and build real strength during your workouts. 

This 12 session programme is designed to condition the body for correct muscle recruitment during multiple movement patterns, it will aid you both in training and your natural daily activities.

WHERE:  RBF Training Studio, 60 Waimarie Street, St Heliers.

WHEN:  22nd Feb - 18th Mar (Mon/Weds/Fri)  @  8.30am (50mins sessions).       

YOU’LL NEED:   Foam Roller, Mobility Ball.  Can bring your own or purchase at studio.

COST:  $240 for 12 sessions

Space are limited, so email us to secure your place now.