Richard Bruce Fitness offers you an experienced, professional and fun 
service that is focused on your and your goals.

Richard is an experienced health & fitness professional, focusing on functional health principles and tailoring them to suit you and your goals.

functional movement for daily life and sports performance, rehabilitation, posture, flexibility, weight management, gaining strength & muscle mass, increasing energy & endurance, nutritional planning, gut health, lifestyle coaching, stress management, motivation & unlimited support.

The Benefits of Functional Health & Fitness Coaching


"As a full time functional health and fitness professional, business owner,
and a full time dad to 2 young children,
I understand how hard it can be to juggle everything..."

Functional fitness addresses the power of strength in movement, so you can enjoy the activities and things you love without fear of high risk injury .  My health coaching and guidance helps you make informed and knowledgable decisions along your journey that are specifically designed for you and your lifestyle.

I aim to not only ensure you're on your way to achieving your goal, but my coaching style means you'll also have fun and enjoy the process along the way.   I aim to give you as much knowledge and in as much detail as you want to explore, helping you develop and sustain your long term health and fitness goal, your nutritional choices, sport performance or rehabilitation goals.

But I do keep it real.  And I truly believe that starting with just a few small changes to your routines really do make a big difference, and you can quickly start to feel the benefits and look at things with a renewed sense of positivity making you feel empowered to keep going on your journey.

"Our lives are just overwhelmed with busy-ness.
Most of us put ourselves, and our health,
at the bottom of the list until something goes wrong,
as we're just too busy to pay attention to our bodies”

We put up with aches and pains of everyday because we feel we’re just ‘getting old’, or living with issues stemming from injuries.   But a lot of this could be remedied and you can live with a spring in your step well into your golden years.  It's all about adding more life into your years!! 

Benefits of Functional Health & Fitness Coaching

  • One on one custom coaching that works with your physical and physiological needs, optimising the mechanics of your body to the level in which you use it. This creates improved muscle balance and strength in movement enhancing everything from basic daily routine activities to pro-sports performance.
  • Optimal Movement Patterns for strength, injury risk prevention and living pain-free.  
  • Posture, Alignment, Pain and Injury Management. 
  • Rehabilitation of old or new injuries for improved pain reduction.
  • Completely personalised Health & Exercise Programmes tailored to your specific needs.
  • Guided and assisted sessions to ensure the prescribed exercises and techniques are carried out correctly, safely and pain free.
  • Nutritional balance for optimal digestive health, mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Lifestyle and health coaching to achieve increased energy, longevity, stress management and motivation for total-wellbeing.

  • Health Management guidance -  providing you with the knowledge and information to make decisions that aid in preventing and reducing the risk of health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. All NCDs (non-communicable diseases), hormone balance and more.
  • Plus advice on stress management, emotional wellbeing, sleep management and so much more... 

"Over all I focus on functional principles and tailor them 100% to suit each individual's need.
I hope to share all my knowledge and research experience with those who want to know,
with a view to helping people of all ages live fuller, healthier and happier lives."