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Golf Conditioning Programme

Improve your swing and go for the long game with golf specific fitness conditioning.  

Not only will you will see your game improve you’ll also learn how your body is moving, how to do regular basic maintenance on it and how to strengthen it for continued improvements with everything you do.  

The programme takes you through the essential factors any golfer should focus on, regardless of age or handicap:

posture - Learning how to “stack” yourself correctly.
This will improve correct muscle activation, ease unnecessary muscle tension and prevent excessive loading in parts of your body that can cause pain or injuries.

alignment - Different from posture.  Alignment actively focuses on improving your active movement.

Like the wheel alignment of cars, when alignment is incorrect you not only lose performance but also control causing excessive wear and tear of key muscles and surrounding parts.


stability and balance - For greater swing performance.
When you have a good base, and you can maintain that base during your movement, then your control and alignment will be better maintained generating greater performance and power.


mobility and flexibility - Improving your body’s range of motion will not only benefit the power you can generate with your swing, and just like with alignment working on this will minimise wear and tear of other areas of your body.

For example if your spine’s rotational range of motion (ROM) is limited, your body will try to find the extra range of rotation necessary from somewhere else like your shoulders, hips or your knees causing pain and or injury.


strength and power - Being able to generate more strength and power with less effort will improve your aim not to mention your shot range.  This programme works to strengthen core muscles needed so you’ll need less effort during your swing ensuring you’re not “forcing” the swing, but increase smoothness and efficiency in your play.

Golf is a physical sport so enjoy more of your time
on the course this coming season.  

Book your place now and start playing better golf.