Richard Bruce Fitness offers you an experienced, professional and fun 
service that is focused on your and your goals.

Richard is an experienced health & fitness professional, focusing on functional health principles and tailoring them to suit you and your goals.

functional movement for daily life and sports performance, rehabilitation, posture, flexibility, weight management, gaining strength & muscle mass, increasing energy & endurance, nutritional planning, gut health, lifestyle coaching, stress management, motivation & unlimited support.


Why train with me?
Only you can decide why you should, as it's important you trust and get on well with whoever you choose to train with.  But for me the most important reason I feel you may want to train with me is that I offer more than just training, I offer coaching and knowledge.  

I will not just tell you what to do, but will arm you with the knowledge of why we do what we do and help you understand how your body is reacting to your daily activities and lifestyle.  This way you're able question the everyday, and make better decisions and make demands that are right for you, your health and your fitness goals.  

I make it safe by working within your capabilities with the aim to always improve and enhance you body's abilities. I'm also all in for making our sessions as fun and enjoyable as possible, so you'll keep coming back and leave with a smile!  

What’s involved in the initial free consultation?
Your initial 30 minute free consultation is a sit down meeting to discuss all the options available to you and to help you feel confident in choosing me to train you.  Connecting with your trainer is important as it means you enjoy your training and you’re much more likely to succeed.

What does a typical training package consist of?
A typical training package consists of 10 sessions for either 45mins or 1hr slots, depending on what works for you.  We'll discuss your overall health and fitness goals and throughout your sessions we'll discuss your lifestyle and check on your movement patterns as all these are vital to shaping your programme and monitoring your progress. 

Where do we train?
I’m based in Gulf Harbour, Whangaparaoa and we can also train outdoors at the park or the beach depending on what type of training you need.

Can I train with a friend?
Yes you can train with a friend.  We can organise a Buddy Training package option for this.

How soon can I start?
Now.  Soon as you pick up the phone and book a FREE initial consultation you’ll be on your way to a better lifestyle and a healthier you.

Can I purchase training packages as a gift?
You can purchase as many training and coaching sessions as you like to give as a gift to someone you care about.

What are your rates?
Rates vary according to your requirements, see our prices page for details.
For all new customers who buy their first package of 10 sessions get a free foam roller, valued at $60, that will be vital in helping with any muscle tightness and mobility.   Once we get started I will show you how to use it correctly so you can do self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques at home effectively and as part of your everyday routine.  

Can I get a refund for unused sessions or packages not fully used?
No, unused sessions are non refundable but they are transferrable. Exclusions apply if you're unable to use them due to a medical emergency - see Terms and Condition under Services and Prices. 

How long are the training sessions?
Training sessions can be 45mins or 1 hour.


If you have any other queries or would like to book a free consultation now get in touch by calling or completing the form in the contact us page.