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Boobs and Balls (you read that right)

Ok, so we’re surrounded by them- that’s a weird thoughts. And we need to look after them right. So does this mean that we should use clothing to hold them up and keep them from moving anywhere? The answer seems to point to no- not for most of the time anyway.

If you were to use a back support to help support your spine all day every day, what do you think would happen to your muscles around that area? Your body would assume they are no longer required and your muscles would weaken (atrophy).

This is the same for underwear. Bras act in the same way and not only that, the underwire in the bras can cause tissue damage to the breasts as well as conducting nearby EMF’s (from laptops, phones etc) into the wire which transmits more easily to the breast tissue.

Check out this article called Ladies, Ditch the Bra. Important note- when running I would suggest a high quality sports bra to prevent damage and remember to think about ditching the bra as a progressional idea especially for those larger breasted gals out there. Ease into the process over weeks. You should also check out this podcast from biomechanist Katy Bowman.

Guys- The advice is very similar to the gals- tight underwear doesn’t allow the testes to self regular their temperature by lowering away from the body which can use fertility issues. Check out this podcast, again by Katy Bowman.