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Incase you missed it. Key points from my Q&A Session.

I’ve always felt a bit nervy doing public speaking, but I do it as I’m on a mission to give people practical ideas that I hope it will help them achieve a better quality of life.

Last Saturday I held a free public session with the topic “how healthy do you feel?”. I gave a short talk on a few things I do in my life to create a healthier and calming lifestyle and then opened it up to the room.

I asked the audience “So what, in your mind, does ‘Healthy’ mean?”.
One answer was “to have good energy”.

What a great start! I liked this! In my recent column featured in Hibiscus Matters, you can read it here, I mentioned about my four 4 Pillars of Health; Movement, Nutrition, Sleep and Mindset - I covered how when adjusted for the better would help, if anything, to increase energy levels which in our busy lives we are all in need of! So I was glad this is where things started.

One key point we discussed with the room was where to start on getting good energy. The key outcome was in trying NOT to change too much all at the same time. Slow and steady making just slight achievable shifts, even to just one of these pillars is a great way to start!

We side stepped into life hacks - this is always fun. How to calm the body and improve wellbeing. Well, whilst we all know there’s no quick fixes, these were some simple tips and lifestyle hacks we covered that you too could try:

  1. Apple cider vinegar- personally I sometimes take a tablespoon amount before breakfast which improves digestion and blood sugars.

  2. Sit on the floor- Improves my movement and mobility.

  3. Move often at low intensity- this increases my immune system function and aids my lymphatic system.

  4. Practice gratitude - Put a more positive perspective on life.

  5. Give myself a purpose in life- Book events in advance like a trek with friends.

  6. Eat more veggies. Legumes, leafy greens, cruciferous veggies etc.

  7. Edible Oils - Eat healthy oils and avoid inflammatory ones. Most processed foods will contain inflammatory oils so personally I eat mostly home cooked foods.

  8. Herbs and spices- Livens up your food and is highly medicinal at the same time.

  9. Limit chemical exposure- this includes through my body with soaps, household cleaning products and food sources such as pesticides.

  10. Cool bedroom temperature for better sleep- 18/19 degrees is ideal.

  11. Open windows in the house for improved air quality and have indoor plants to help filter the air and it also feels good having nature in the house.

  12. Hot and cold exposure. (Not advised if you’re chronically inflamed). I do this every so often to boost my immune system.

  13. Increase blue light exposure during the day (outside in the morning is best) and limited blue light in the evening from devices.

  14. T.R.E.- Time Restricted Eating or fasting. I skip a meal like breakfast and sometimes try to eat all meals and snacks within an 8-10 hour window for better energy and health. Some occasions I’ll try to do 24 hours with just drinking water.

  15. Grounding/Earthing- This is just simply walking on natural surfaces such as the beach or park barefoot. This not only feels great for my body’s mechanics and wellbeing but decreases inflammation in my body.

  16. Controlling blood sugars, with cinnamon, exercise, eating veggies and apple cider vinegar are all great ideas.

  17. Challenging yourself - getting outside my comfort zone like this public speaking session is a great way for me to grow and feel better.

…. and there was lots more! So this is certainly not an exhaustive list, but a nice overview to spark ideas and questions.

Some closing questions I left with the group to just one question to think about:

These days what’s most important to you in your life?
Prioritise your time and attention to those things that matter most, to you… and that alone will start to make you feel more positive and energised.

So here’s what I’d like to leave you with; remember to set real expectations on what’s achievable and sustainable for the long run. And don’t be too hard on yourself when you fall back, just get right back on track and keep going, persistence will leave to good habits!

Keep things in mind that could boost your motivation for when you need it most, use those things to keep you going.

Choose your battles. Some you win, some you lose - You have the solution to prioritise and realise your goals, and the motivation that will help you get there.

Hope to catch you at my next event, or if you’d like a consultation feel free to get in touch anytime.

Thanks for reading.



The list above is for me and my health and wellbeing and is not meant as medical advise or guidance for anyone else. If you choose to change some lifestyle habits you should always do so with the advice of your health practitioner.