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The lost art of bending over

If there’s one statement my clients have heard me say on more than one occasion is that it’s not so much how you move in that short time when I’m with them coaching them but more how they move on everyday movements such as eating meals, cleaning teeth, putting on shoes, gardening, playing with kids etc.

One of the key movements I suggest everyone adopts whether they be 15 years old or 105 years old is the hip hinge. Our hips are hugely under utilised and therefore we get excessive wear on knees and spine to name a few.

The hip hinge looks like the most simple movement in the world but if you’ve had years of flexing through the spine as your go to movement for bending then this may take you some time to master.

When you can hip hinge with ease you can learn to lift using the deadlift technique. Not only will this technique able you to lift quite heavy loads but when done correctly will help save your back taking the brunt of the load.

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