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Clean 15 and dirty dozen- no, it's not a movie!

Trying to eat healthy foods regularly is always a challenge. And eating healthily means different things to different people but I’m just going to give you some guidelines on fruits and veggies as hopefully these are a big part of everyone’s diets whether vegan, vegetarian or meat lovers.

It may seem obvious to most that avoiding processed foods is a great place to start to eating healthily but how about eating organic? Is organic overhyped? What’s the difference between regular fruit and veggies and eating organically grown ones?

Well some argue that organic foods tend to be more nutrient dense but I’m not focusing on that topic today. One of the reasons why I tend to try and buy organic as often as possible is due to the chemicals used which can’t just be washed off as they become part of the product. A bit like what you put on your skin. It gets absorbed and goes into your body.

So below is a list of foods that you can buy non organic that don’t need lots of chemicals to grow ( Clean 15) and then there’s the one’s to try and buy organically grown (Dirty Dozen).


Thanks for reading!