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Grounding- What on earth?

The funny thing about health and fitness (apart from my title) is that no matter how deep I dive into the research about what’s good for us, what’s not and why, it all comes back to some simple things I’ve talked about in previous blogs like moving in nature, eating fresh local produce, sleeping a restorative sleep and having a happy community around you for support and friendship.

The problem is when we have less and less of these healthy foundations and try and cheat our bodies with short blasts of healthy time thinking it’ll be enough. Cutting sleep to get more TV time, eating fast food on the run, putting off moving much due to weather or motivation, being on social media rather than visiting friends or family. If these start to become routine in your life then it’s just a matter of time before the “wheels start to squeak”.

One of the many reasons I try to kick my shoes off and walk barefoot on the beach or park is because of something called Grounding or Earthing. An act as simple as this reduces inflammation in your body not to mention how it’ll improve your foot mechanics.

Here’s an article to give you an insight on how it works…

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