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Fitness VS Movement: Science Shows Quality Training Matters

There are many different ways to train. Your training method can depend on the results that you are after. So, if you’re doing body building type exercises in the gym or at home then you should expect those kind of results. If you run a lot then you’re training for just that type of exercise.

These types of training aren’t what everyone wants though. I think most people want to be strong and fit for life. I know runners who fatigue very quickly during weightlifting exercises and weightlifters with poor running abilities. That’s why I use many of the MovNat training methods because it’s progressional and creates a great foundation of movement safely, and as you’ll find out if you train with me that although getting toned and fit may not be the focus it will be the side effects.

I train a physio and pilates instructor and she was surprised when she asked her pilates class whom were experienced and general in good shape to replicate a movement I had given her which was to get up off the floor without the use of their hands. Most of them found it hard if not impossible to achieve the movement.

Have a read of why the movement based training is superior to fitness training in this study of a group of firefighters but bear in mind you don't have to be in intense situations to benefit from this type of training...

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