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When "healthy" smoothies might become a problem

What could possibly be bad about having regular green smoothies? Well, as you know from my approach, anything can be problematic, it just depends on the person and the situation. I’ve recommended having smoothies as it can be a great addition to some, some of the time.

This article goes into a few things you might like to be aware of but I’d also add to be mindful of a couple of things not mentioned in it.

With smoothies it’s broken down already. This means little to no chewing which can be problematic for some because it means you can drink it quite rapidly which can cause issues with your gut and the digestion process as it’s not been primed by the chewing actions.

It may push up your blood sugars higher more than if you had just chewed the food to break it down yourself which is not what you want to be aiming for. This could be fixed by just changing the ingredients so play around with maybe adding less fruit and maybe more healthy fats such as avocado or nuts.

You can easily over consume food as well because you can fit a lot of food in smoothie container so be mindful of that.

You may find a couple of smoothies a week work well for you but it’s good to know how things might affect your body so you could try a food diary monitoring how you feel, blood sugar levels, energy etc.

Check out this article by Chris Kresser on some other things to consider…

Thanks for reading!