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Rest and play isn't just wasting time!

What a great line- “Rest nurtures creativity, which nurtures activity. Activity nurtures rest, which sustains creativity,” - Kim John Payne

In this interesting article from Green Child Magazine it looks at how simplifying a child’s life for better growth and wellbeing is key in a world with so much stimulus. This is just as applicable for us adults when there’s barely time to sit and just enjoy just being. Just sitting and consuming what’s happening around us for some people feels like guilty laziness rather than quality time. Why sit on a beach and build a structure out of driftwood with the family when you can be multitasking with work emails, calls and checking personal messages on social media? Or heading back for more jobs, jobs, jobs. There’s always more jobs to be done!

Aren’t we all happier when we can just switch of the “noise” of life and just be for a bit?

Try 1 hour a week that’s solely about you and your family having fun. If that’s too easy go for half a day and make it a weekly event. No phones, no TV, no commitments with time restraints- just fun for half a day. You will all feel better, bond closer and be healthier for it. The down side??? You might have to wait to clean the car until next weekend. It can wait!

Here’s the article-

And while you’re here, have a watch of this Ted Talk by Dr Peter Gray about the decline of play. Quite interesting-

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