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Overtraining in young athletes

Overtraining is just for the professionals. It's becoming more and more common in the general public with the likes of Crossfit and bootcamps. I think there are great components to Crossfit and bootcamps and that’s why they've taken off globally but it also means you can work out at a very high intensity every day. Some go from being really quite sedentary all day then into highly explosive workouts and then back to sedentary again. It’s hard to get a balanced exercise regime especially if you’re enjoying your workouts, are super competitive and/or restricted for time.

But overtraining can sneak up on you. It can seem like more of a good thing will be better for you.

I always advise my clients to try and listen to their body, and make sure to have low key days in every week which might include just stretching, breathing work, balance or just a day off to relax. As crazy as it may sound, the rest will improve your performance.

Have a read of this article about a competitive young successful athlete representing her country warning young athletes about overtraining and some of the unwanted side effects. This more recent article is a great too.

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