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A balanced interview on the latest on cancer

With health and wellness I try to focus as much as possible on all the positive things we can do to lead healthy lives with preventative measures but if we were all healthy there’d be no need for these measures. But being the questioner that I am, I’m always asking the question “but what if?”

I’ve had a interest in cancer research for some time and heard many opinions of professionals discussing how we might “get” cancer, what to do and what not to do. It’s estimated that once you hit around 40 we all have millions of cancer cells in our body with our immune system trying to flush out these rogue cells every day and hopefully keeping it at bay from forming into a disease.

With cancer affecting 1 in 3 people and predicted to soon be more like 1 in 2, and being the second highest cause of death only to heart disease, I feel it’s worth having up to date knowledge on the subject.

This interview with Dr Paul Anderson is the most balanced discussion on the topic with the latest methods of treatment that I’ve heard or read. He’s written a book on all his research and work with patients and summarises it in this compelling hour long interview. I hope it enlightens you as to how to approach your thinking on cancer.

Thanks for reading!