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Why you shouldn't swing the kids around by their arms

We’ve all done it at some stage. Out on the beach or park and the kids asking to be swung around in circles. I’m always encouraging parents to play more in addition to or as part of their workouts and playing around with the kids is a win win for all involved. This is until we might consider swinging the kids around by their arms. It seems harmless but there could be some long term issues ahead.

Here’s a look at some of the possible damage that may occur…

Also, on a similar note I’ve seen on multiple occasions adults holding onto the child’s hands around the monkey bars so the child can’t release from the bar. The grip strength is the protective mechanism for the shoulder. When you “fix” the hands to the object then the shoulders which haven’t be trained for that amount of loading takes the brunt and this process will not be beneficial for the joints of the shoulder or the progression in the exercise of hanging. The grip strength has to grow progressively together with the capabilities of the shoulders.

Keep playing and stay safe and well!

Thanks for reading!