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Why do we do what we do?

This is a big question.  Take a moment…  are you on autopilot today? Is each day and each week the same, day in day out, or are you present and in control striving for something.  

It’s easy to let our daily routines, the jobs we do, the people we surround ourselves with, the foods we eat become more habitual choices - so it’s good to every now and then ask yourself this question ‘why are you doing what you’re doing?’.  

These are the 6 basic things we focus on day to day in our lives:

1. Food
2. Money
3. Time
4. Family
5. Happiness
6. Health

What are you prioritising most regularly for a long and happy life?   You’ll be surprised at what actually really makes us happy - it’s not what we think it is.

Many of us find ourselves eating mainly for function and on the go - not for enjoyment and nourishment.  We work to get money, not to get fulfilled. We strive for higher earning jobs, that brings a wealth of stress, simply to give us a perceived higher quality of life with our families - yet the stress it brings is detrimental at times to our health and wellbeing.

So let’s break the cycle, aim to enjoy things more and make a conscious choice to be positive, self-caring and outwardly compassionate.   Because there’s never enough money, there’s never enough time and our health should not be put at risk.  Let’s instead try to focus on good health and being happy and content in our lives.  This is of far greater value than anything a stressful job or a high salary would ever bring.

Take a moment now to relax and check out this entertaining TedTalk on the surprising science of happiness - it’s not what you think!

Now take the first step and set yourself some very simple changes today that will have a positive impact on how your body feels:

  • Move more.  We all sit for too long.
  • Add 1 more serving of vegetables per day - parsnip grilled chips? Yes please.
  • Aim to get 30 minutes more sleep by getting to bed earlier, turn off the screens, get out a good book or get into some good old fashioned pillow talk (not work related).
  • Take 10 mins of quiet space each day.

Each one of the changes has huge and very significant benefits to both the body, the mind and our general wellbeing - but that’s another blog...

Thanks for reading!