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Being that I research daily on all health related topics I sometimes get asked what professionals I follow. The list is quite vast as I love hearing the many varying opinions on subjects but I’ve listed just a handful of them below with links to their websites. It’s worth mentioning that although I have catergorised them into separate health headings, there is usually a crossover with the other headings, for example, Chris Kresser has information on nutrition, sleep, movement and much much more.

I hope you find these resources useful.

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Boobs and Balls (you read that right)

Ok, so we’re surrounded by them- that’s a weird thoughts. And we need to look after them right. So does this mean that we should use clothing to hold them up and keep them from moving anywhere? The answer seems to point to no- not for most of the time anyway.

If you were to use a back support to help support your spine all day every day, what do you think would happen to your muscles around that area? Your body would assume they are no longer required and your muscles would weaken (atrophy).

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I’m actually writing this blog while being a little unwell. I don’t get sick very often but I had to convince myself, even with everything I know, that I should take the next couple of days off to rest and recover. It’s sometimes really hard to stop. You may say to yourself you’ll just sweat it out with a workout but when you read this article, you’ll find you’re not just wasting your time exercising when you’re unwell but hindering your recovery.

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Switch on life, not Netflix.

I see so many health and movement issues in my clients that are driven out of lack of movement or those who do single repetitive movements.  The simple notion of moving more feels too hard in the ever increasing demands on our free time.  All this busyness drains the brain which makes the body feel tired… yet the whole body hasn’t likely moved much at all! 

So ask yourself this - How much of you are you moving and how often?

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New Year's Resolutions Failed AGAIN??!

I never start the new year with resolutions to change. For me, starting to implement health changes whilst on holiday just isn’t going to succeed. Others do have good results with this focus but the evidence seems to point to those successful people are in the minority.

So when embarking on a new health kick here’s a few things to consider-

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Incase you missed it. Key points from my Q&A Session.

It’s always a bit nervy for me doing public speaking but I do it as I’m on a mission to help give people practical ideas in the hope it will give them a better quality of life.

And last Saturday was the latest such session with the topic being “how healthy do you feel?” where I gave a short talk on a few things I do in my life to create a healthier and calming lifestyle.

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Getting Away With Things

We all like to think we can get away with things without there being any consequences- maybe driving too fast, taking risks at work or lying about something to make life easier for yourself.

One mindset in the health and fitness world is calories in calories out. If I eat this cake I can skip dinner or run it off and all is well.

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What's your poo telling you?

How often you go to the loo, the smell and the texture can tell you a lot about a person’s health.

We can quite happily talk about detox with diets but sometimes we don’t like to talk about one of the most important forms of detox, which is going to the loo. Weeing and pooing are not only great ways of finding out more about how your body’s doing but are key for eliminating toxins from your body.

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