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New Year's Resolutions Failed AGAIN??!

I never start the new year with resolutions to change. For me, starting to implement health changes whilst on holiday just isn’t going to succeed. Others do have good results with this focus but the evidence seems to point to those successful people are in the minority.

So when embarking on a new health kick here’s a few things to consider-

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Incase you missed it. Key points from my Q&A Session.

It’s always a bit nervy for me doing public speaking but I do it as I’m on a mission to help give people practical ideas in the hope it will give them a better quality of life.

And last Saturday was the latest such session with the topic being “how healthy do you feel?” where I gave a short talk on a few things I do in my life to create a healthier and calming lifestyle.

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Getting Away With Things

We all like to think we can get away with things without there being any consequences- maybe driving too fast, taking risks at work or lying about something to make life easier for yourself.

One mindset in the health and fitness world is calories in calories out. If I eat this cake I can skip dinner or run it off and all is well.

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What's your poo telling you?

How often you go to the loo, the smell and the texture can tell you a lot about a person’s health.

We can quite happily talk about detox with diets but sometimes we don’t like to talk about one of the most important forms of detox, which is going to the loo. Weeing and pooing are not only great ways of finding out more about how your body’s doing but are key for eliminating toxins from your body.

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The lost art of bending over

If there’s one statement my clients have heard me say on more than one occasion is that it’s not so much how you move in that short time when I’m with them coaching them but more how they move on everyday movements such as eating meals, cleaning teeth, putting on shoes, gardening, playing with kids etc.

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Grounding- What on earth?

The funny thing about health and fitness (apart from my title) is that no matter how deep I dive into the research about what’s good for us, what’s not and why, it all comes back to some simple things I’ve talked about in previous blogs like moving in nature, eating fresh local produce, sleeping a restorative sleep and having a happy community around you for support and friendship.

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